Our services

Teeth Cleaning and Treatment of Gum Diseases: Plaque and tartar accumulation around your teeth can cause gum diseases. Our dental team will gently remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth to maintain or restore your gum health. For patients with sensitive teeth or gums, we can provide local anesthesia for your comfort.

Fillings: Have a cavity? No worries, perhaps just a filling can solve the problem. We use the latest technology and first-class materials to fix cavities. Most importantly, our dental team focuses on every detail to achieve the best results for your fillings.

Extractions: For hopeless teeth, extraction is necessary to reduce the risk of infection, pain, or even bone resorption. Sometimes, there are other reasons for tooth extraction, such as wisdom teeth extraction or recommendations from an orthodontist. Consult with our dentists before making a decision.

Crowns and Veneers: Crowns and veneers are artificial dental restoration methods that can improve or restore the appearance and function of teeth. They can be used on teeth with extensive structural loss or after root canal treatment to strengthen them, or to improve the shape or color of teeth for cosmetic purposes.

Bridges and Dentures: Missing teeth can affect your chewing function and appearance. Bridges and dentures are traditional ways of restoring missing teeth, each with its own pros and cons. Consult our dentists for more information to make the right decision.

Dental Implants: Dental implants, made of titanium metal, are placed into the jawbone to replace the roots of missing teeth. They can support artificial teeth to restore missing teeth. Compared with bridges and dentures, they offer unique advantages.

Dental Emergencies: If you experience any dental emergencies (pain, discomfort, etc.) and need to see a dentist ASAP, call us immediately at 905-571-3888. Yes, we’re open on Sundays!

Root Canal Treatment: Sometimes, deep cavities or cracked teeth may involve the pulp inside the tooth. To save the tooth, dentists may recommend root canal treatment (also called endodontic treatment). This involves removing the infected or injured pulp from inside the crown and roots of a tooth, and filling the roots with dental material. Often, a crown restoration will be recommended for the same tooth after root canal treatment.

Teeth Whitening: Unsatisfied with your tooth color? Try our professional at-home teeth whitening material—affordable, safe, and effective. Enjoy the convenience of doing it at home with the peace of mind that comes from our dentist’s supervision.

Night Guards and Retainers: We provide customized night guards and retainers to meet your needs. Please consult our dental team regarding indications.